Available courses

Beginner course with 15 units. Takes approximately 30 hours to complete.

Introductory course to spoken Arabic. Gives people who come to Jordan or the Middle East enough knowledge of spoken Arabic and cultural insights to move around conveniently in the most common everyday situations.

During Phase 2A, using wordless picture storybooks, you will discuss all of the depicted situations and events on their pages with a host friend, who will help you to say what you are trying to say and more. In the process the two of you will build up the components for a story. Then your instructor will narrate the whole story, while a sound recording is made of this narrative, to be added to your Listening Library.

Intermediate level of Spoken Arabic language acquisition course

This course features typical Jordanian dishes with cooking instructions in Jordanian Arabic.
We offer Modern Standard Arabic lessons based on the textbook "Al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum a-Arabiyya" part one second edition by Georgetown University Press.